agenda    1st Day     2nd Day
1st Day
  Global copper market outlook
Concentrate supply growth vs. mine decrease
When the copper market goes into balance?
The next round for copper price recovery
  Chinese copper market outlook
China's supply-side structural reforms and its impact on copper demand
Supply and demand fundamentals vs. China consumption
  Price outlook
Review of the copper trading market in 2016
Forecast of the volatile market in 2017
  Coffee Break
  China new economic norm's impact on China copper industry's development
  PANEL DISCUSSION: Will copper market meet the inflection point in 2017?
Mining reduction through whole 2017 under today’s economic environment?
Mine supply interacting with smelting capacity and their influence on the whole market
  How should mining company take reactions under the pressure of economy slowdown
Keep profitable development vs. low copper price, environment requirement, and labor cost
  "One Belt, One Road" policy's impact on mining companies
Experience share of oversea development, merger & acquisition overseas
  Outlook for China copper smelting & refining
TC/RC price updates and its influence on copper industry
  Coffee Break
  New technology explore
  Under Inviting
  Closing of Conference Day 1
2nd Day
  China metals futures trading and market outlook
Updates on copper trading & copper price in 2017
Speed up commodity trading development, and get more involved into global market
  Building global platform for commodity trading in China
Updates in capital markets opening and RMB globalization
New updates on Free-trade-zone Copper Premium Swap (FCP)
  Trader's views on the commodity market & how to adopt the market change
Risks in current commodity trade and finance market
How to hedge the real copper consumption demand and hidden stock
  Coffee Break
  Building cross-border trade & financing platform, better service for commodities trading
A glance at Shanghai Free Trade Zone's spot trading
  Market analysis on copper hedging & arbitrage
The impact of Federal Reserve raising interest rates on copper futures market
RMB globalization's impact on copper futures market
  Uncertain causes for copper price in 2017
How should investors response on unpredictable risks
  Perspective from financial firm on commodity trading development in China
  Panel Discussion: Looking ahead on copper market in 2017
Copper price mechanism exploration
The real consumption and demand of China market
Analysis on financing transaction of China copper market
  Closing of Conference


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