event overview
Copper China Summit 2017, the annual meeting of copper industry, will gather industry leaders from all cross industry chain to gather around to find the industry development trend and business corporation opportunities.
Topics will be covered including:
Copper price analysis on the basis of macroecnomic, mining production capacity, and finanical tools
Opportunities & challenges for copper futures market, particular on China market
China's supply-side constructional reform and its impact on the market demand & commodity market
Overview of financial reform and its impact on global copper market
China commodity market development updates, from the perspective of SHFE, SH Clearing House
Production surplus or reduction, and when to balance? Hear the voice from miners
View sharing from refining industry and scrap industry
China GDP growth in 2017, and results the global industry shrinkage?

Who Should attend:
Executive Director
VP - Sales & Marketing
VP - Business Development
Chief Strategic Officer
Head of Commodity
Head of Commodity Research
Head of Commodity Analysis

Attendees From:


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