Copper China Summit 2017 is a networking & information exchange platform for manufacturers, smelters, processers, mining industries, China FTZ, industry guilds and organizations, import and export traders, exchanges, clearing houses, futures companies, and bank and financial agencies to outlook price trends and supply & demand, to understand domestic and overseas macroscopic economy trend, and to find out the emerging opportunities in cross-border copper mine investment, copper trades from China's Belt and Road Initiative, and internationalization of its copper market.

The conference will offer you a greatest-ever exposure to all stakeholders across the value chain. While being committed to presenting exclusive information, intelligence and contacts, we can also deliver customized sponsorship packages in accordance with any size of your budget. Our intense marketing campaign is ready to help brand your image and raise your profile in the copper market in order to achieve your business objectives.

For detailed sponsorship prospectus or tailor-made sponsorship proposals, please contact:
Ms. Grace Zhu
Tel: +86 21 5161 5300*8026
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